The Supply Chain is a key stake for companies who need to maintain or reinforce their competitivity.

The Supply Chain is a transversal function that aims to deliver the proper product or service and to maximise both customers’ satisfaction and company’s financial performances.

It integrates all the processes and functions that contribute to fulfil this purpose: Sales forecast and production planning, production purchasing and procurement, production, order processing, inventory management, warehousing, order preparation, transport purchasing and management, claim management... It largely overlaps the logistics (storage and movements of products).

Managing the Supply Chain consists in coordinating and adapting these processes and functions, making efficiently work together people and organisations with different ways of working and sometimes divergent objectives.

Implementing or improving a Supply Chain provides major benefits, which companies just start considering. An efficient Supply Chain brings significant gains in terms of:



Customer satisfaction

Costs reduction

Optimisation of working capital and production capacities



Our wide, comprehensive and very operational experience in senior positions in industrial and services companies and as Supply Chain consultants, our sense of commitment, our pragmatism, our flexibility and the fact that we exclusively work with highly experienced associates enable us to systematically propose validated, achievable and quantified solutions which provide real profits.

For 15 years, Avantage Net has worked for major industrial and services companies to implement or improve their Supply Chain. These companies keep trusting us, and we are pleased to regularly support them in their development.

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The Supply Chain is a key stake for companies who need to maintain or reinforce their competitiveness.

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Avantage Net SCS operates within 4 domains of the Supply Chain: Audit, Consulting & project Management, Interim Management, Training.

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Avantage Net SCS is a team of consultants and ad-hoc experts, with various and operational profiles to support our customers.

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